Manual data entry costs time and money, as does the exchange of information with service providers. That's why REMMS is fully digital and based on information that has already been collected.
Homeowners can assess their properties directly on the REMMS website. When doing so, any single property must be recorded and saved only once. If required, the property can then be reloaded and the properties readjusted and reassessed at a later date. REMMS does not consider itself to be in competition with other systems, such as GRESB, SSREI or ESI. On the contrary: Existing certified ratings and labels - e.g. SNBS, Minergie, GEAK - can be transferred and used via interface. This ensures that valuable, already existing information can be used. Due to the aspired wide geographic coverage and monitoring over time, the value of REMMS lies in the ability to compare individual properties or small portfolios with a complete set. In addition to being recorded in REMMS, the properties can also be recorded and appraised in valuation applications such as IMBAS. The interface is freely available for connecting other systems and further integrations are currently in discussion. For residential property owners who assess a single or a few condominiums or single-family houses, the user fee is waived altogether.
With REMMS, every private or institutional owner or investor can analyse their properties with regard to sustainability and receive a comprehensive report. In addition, strategic statements relevant to portfolios are recorded and evaluated in a questionnaire. These, together with the analyses of the individual properties, are integrated in the portfolio report, which takes into account the various standards such as AMAS, ASIP, CRREM, CSRD, GRI, ICMA, KGAST, PCAF, SBA, SFDR, TCFD, etc.