Mortgage lenders

Manual data entry costs time and money, as does the exchange of information with service providers. That's why REMMS is fully digital and based on information that has already been collected.
Anyone using a core banking system or a credit application should be able to use REMMS directly by means of an interface, so that no additional effort is required. REMMS does not see itself as a competitor to other systems, such as GRESB, SSREI or ESI. On the contrary: Existing certified ratings and labels - e.g. SNBS, Minergie, GEAK - can be transferred and used via the interface. This ensures that valuable, already existing information can be used. Furthermore, REMMS is linked to the public registers as well as to private databases, so that ultimately at only a single address is necessary for an assessment and the remaining information is imputed if necessary. Due to the aspired wide geographic coverage and monitoring over time, the value of REMMS lies in the ability to compare the portfolio with a complete set and not «only» with a select choice of comparative portfolios. Discussions with core banking systems and credit applications are currently taking place. Advocate for REMMS to be integrated as well! REMMS and IMBAS are also available for individual assessments. The interface is freely available to connect other systems. If time-critical initial assessments are needed, we are also available for an offline assessment of the mortgage portfolio. The usage fee for the assessment of smaller portfolios is already covered by the membership fee of CHF 250. For very large portfolios, costs in the range of CHF 10,000 per year are to be expected.