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REMMS is not profit-oriented, but still incurs high costs. Support REMMS as a patron or via a one-time donation
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REMMS is a common-benefit organisation and therefore not profit-oriented. We can count on the generous support and goodwill of the various programmers and other actors, who do not make a profit and in some cases even work at cost price. Nevertheless, the costs for development and operation of the systems and especially the entire IT infrastructure are cost-intensive. To ensure that REMMS can be offered free of charge, especially to private and smaller institutional actors, and so that the user fees also remain low for the larger actors we are grateful for your support. In addition to membership fees, user fees and patronages, we also receive one-off donations from time to time. For instance, various donors have told us that they are happy to donate the CO2 offsets of their holiday flights to REMMS. A donation to REMMS is also a nice gift for a birthday, a birth or another happy occasion.